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SEi design, research and engineering projects aim towards improving the overall efficiency of the small and medium hydroelectric facilities. Traditional sources of the technologies for the flow passages, runners and distributors designs predetermined the small and medium size hydropower industry to be a follower of developments in large hydro companies. The scale and cost of work necessary to prove the performance of new designs have so far been acceptable to the large corporations only.

For this reason all design optimization steps have been determined by the needs of large scale hydro projects.

The void in the small and medium hydro industry can be filled by using commercial CFD software as a core for the virtual hydraulic laboratory. The CFD method allows efficiency and operation guarantees, as for large turbines, to be requested.

The entire design process consists of two major modules: flow passage interactive design, the commercial CFD grid editor and the solver.

SEi carries out continuous research and development work based on CFD software and since 1997 has completed several projects dealing with the new runners and turbines designs for various customers.

The turbines are designed using the same criteria as for the large-scale machines and offer the highest possible reliability and optimum performance at the lowest cost.

DESIGN of all hydraulic flow passages of the water power plant (pressurized inlet, turbine distributor, runner, draft tube);
PREDICTION of the performance of any reaction water turbine and operational optimization of the power plant;
POWER PLANT UPGRADES: from site potential-power evaluation to the final design;
ANALYSIS of the risk of investment related to hydrology.