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Francis Turbine Technology
R&D project, in cooperation with Norcan Hydraulic Turbine Inc., deals with customizing Francis turbine designs to suit particular performance requirements while maintaining configuration of the site.
Ultra Low-Head Turbine Development
R&D project deals with development of an Axial Flow turbine suitable for hydro projects having Net Head less than 3.5m. The design work and laboratory testing is conducted in cooperation with CANMET (Natural Resources Canada) and Norcan Hydraulic Turbine Inc.
Mixed Flow Turbine Development
R&D project deals with development of high-head double regulated turbine.
Finite Element Analysis
Structural integrity of the turbine runners is verified by three-dimensional FEM stress analysis.
Hydraulic Optimization
Hydraulic optimization of wicket gates.
Other Projects
SEi undertakes projects oriented towards practical solutions to turbine operational problems caused by undesired water flow patterns. For example:
a) instability problems of Francis turbines in part-load operation - studies of the flow simulation results allow formulating conclusions regarding design procedures of new runners as well as to decide on other possible preventive measures
b) excessive head loss in turbine stationary components - CFD analysis allows to quantify economic benefits before the turbine modernization is undertaken.
DESIGN of all hydraulic flow passages of the water power plant (pressurized inlet, turbine distributor, runner, draft tube);
PREDICTION of the performance of any reaction water turbine and operational optimization of the power plant;
POWER PLANT UPGRADES: from site potential-power evaluation to the final design;
ANALYSIS of the risk of investment related to hydrology.