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Selected reference projects for Jacek Swiderski P. Eng.

Company: Swiderski Engineering Inc. (SEi)
1997 - today
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Application of SEi hydraulic designs and performances specifications included following projects:
  Ottawa Hydro PH#2 (four units 1800kW each) - replacement of camelback type Francis turbine including distributor, runner, draft chest, output increased by 25%
  Lower Lachute (4200 kW) - new Francis runner
  Conestogo (750 kW) - runner/distributor assembly, operating range increased (6.5 m to 22 m), output increased by 50%
  Lushui (2500 kW) - plant optimization, new Francis runner, cavitation and instability eliminated
  Vergennes (700 kW) - plant optimization, supplied upgrade turbine design, plant output increased by 25% and efficiency by approx 8%
  Elliot Falls (400 kW) - two new Kaplan turbines replacement in existing pressure case, increased plant efficiency by approx 8%
  St. Raphael (1280 kW ) - new Francis runner, output increased by 22%, efficiency by approx 5%
  Salmon Falls (420kW) - hydraulic design of the new runner, output increased by 22%
  Copenhagen (1700kW) - hydraulic design of the new runner, output increased by 13%, efficiency by approx 4%
  Rock Forest (two units 1600 kW each) - camelback type Francis turbine, runner/distributor replacement, output increased by 25%
  Franklin Falls (400kW) - hydraulic design of the new runner
  Jeziorsko G.S. (2400 kW) - vertical Kaplan turbine, stationary components modification, energy production increased by 6%, operating range increased, efficiency incresed 3 - 6%
  Clark Falls (3200 kW) - Kaplan turbine, new runner blades, energy production increased by 10%.
  Marshfield#5 (5200 kW) - new Francis runner, energy production increased by 15%, efficiency by 3.5%.
  Bellrose G.S. (300 kW) - runner modification design to increase maximum turbine output (by 15%) as well as to increase its operating range
  Bracebridge (1900 kW) - new Kaplan type turbine installed without changes in a civil structure.
Company: Canadian Hydro Components Ltd.
Position: Chief Hydraulic Engineer
1995 -1997
  Donnacona G.S. - 4.5 MW low head site - responsible for hydraulic performances of 8 Axial Flow turbines supplied
  Moose Rapids - 1.0 MW power plant - responsible for hydraulic performances of 8 Axial Flow turbines supplied
  Seaton Creek - three Micro Francis turbines 3X 100kW
  Montmagny - solved severe cavitation and power shortage problems in this 2.0 MW power plant. The newly built power plant was experiencing 27% output shortage - by designing a modifications to the turbine runner and the throat ring, performance of turbines were achieved as originally expected by the owners.
Company: Barber Hymac Hydro Inc.
Position: Hydraulic Design Engineer
  Ayers Mill - hydraulic design of the replacement double horizontal Francis unit -output increased by 15%
  Waltham G.S. - coordination with GE Hydro 5 replacement runners (Francis turbine): total increase in plant output 17%.
  Kananaskis unit #3 - 12MW propeller runner replacement (increased power by 20%)
  Spray unit #3 - high head Francis - 52MW runner replacement that resulted in 6MW power increase
  Other Projects: Forestville (3.2 MW), Lyndonville (1.2MW), Lyons Falls (1.7 MW), Sheldon Springs (800kW)

DESIGN of all hydraulic flow passages of the water power plant (pressurized inlet, turbine distributor, runner, draft tube);
PREDICTION of the performance of any reaction water turbine and operational optimization of the power plant;
POWER PLANT UPGRADES: from site potential-power evaluation to the final design;
ANALYSIS of the risk of investment related to hydrology.